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Privacy Policy Cavis Technologies

In Brief

Your personal privacy and the information you share are important to us at Cavis. Whether you represent a customer, partner or employee, we believe in an honest and transparent partnership. We therefore want you to know and understand how we use and protect the data we collect on you.

• We do not collect more data than necessary

• We do not use your personal data for purposes other than those specified

• We do not keep your data longer than necessary

• We do not sell your data to third parties


This policy is based on current data protection legislation and sets out how we work to protect your personal data, rights, and privacy.

The purpose of this policy is to let you know how we process your personal data, what we use it for, who has access to it and on what conditions, and how you can exercise your rights.

Cavis is the data controller

Cavis is the data controller for the personal data we process.

Why do Cavis process personal data about you?

We use the personal data we collect to communicate with you, to answer your inquiries and to improve our services, but also to provide information and other offers that may be of interest to you.

We will always give you relevant and useful information. When you hand over personal data to us and allow cookies, it helps us to customise your experience, as well as to provide you with the right sort of content and the right offers. It also enables us to be at the cutting edge and constantly evolve so that we can create value for you as a visitor. We strive to process as little personal data about you as possible.

What data do we collect on you – and why?


In order to enter into and fulfil agreements with the organisation you represent, we need personal data on you in the form of first name, surname, email address, address and title. We do not access your personal data in any other way than through the information you give us.


When it comes to marketing, the personal data we collect about you is limited to what is normally found on a business card, such as name, title, company, address, email and telephone number. In some cases, we may also ask you for further information relating to your job, such as industry and size of business.


The personal data we collect when you visit our website will not be sold, transferred, or divulged to any other company without your consent – unless necessary in order to deliver the product or service you have requested.


We use cookies to understand your preferences better so that we can improve your user experience on future visits to our website. We also use cookies to collect data on traffic and interaction for statistical purposes.

You can withdraw your consent at any time and also delete saved cookies. If you wish to do this, you can search for how to delete cookies in various browsers and then follow the instructions given.

Contact form

If you choose to contact us when visiting our website, personal data is saved in our marketing automation. The personal data you enter in the form is managed and saved so that we can contact you and answer your inquiry. If you have chosen to contact us, we track and save your behaviour on the website in order to optimise your experience.

Recruitment tool

If you apply for a job at Cavis, we will save and manage the personal data for recruitment purposes, such as contacting you regarding a relevant position. If you send us a letter of interest, your personal data will be saved in our recruitment system. If you consent to receive information on future job opportunities, we may also save the personal data a while for the purpose of possibly contacting you regarding another job.

How do we protect your personal data?

Your security is important to us. We have therefore implemented appropriate technical, organisational, and administrative security measures in order to protect your personal data from unauthorised access and other unlawful processing operations. We analyse and assess these measures regularly to ensure that your data is given the best possible protection.

Who do we pass your data on to?

We do not pass your data on to other companies or organisations unless required by law or necessary in order to fulfil our legal or contractual obligations to you.

We may pass your personal data on to partners, suppliers, or subcontractors, but only if necessary, in order for us to fulfil our obligations to you as a customer. We never pass on more personal data than necessary.

When required by legislation, we may be obliged to pass your data on to the authorities or other organisations. We may also be forced to pass your data on, if necessary, for the establishment, exercise, or defence of legal claims.

We will never pass your personal data on to other companies or organisations for marketing purposes.

What is the legal basis for our processing of personal data about you?

The legal basis for our processing of your personal data is our legitimate interest and in some cases your consent as a visitor of our website. If consent is required, we will ask you for it. In other cases, the legal basis for our processing of your personal data may be that we are fulfilling an agreement with you – if you represent one of our customers, for example.

For how long do we process your personal data?

We store personal data on you as a customer for the duration of the agreement and for a reasonable period afterwards. In by far the majority of cases, we do not store your personal data for more than a year from the end of the agreement, but in certain circumstances we may store your data for longer. This is the case if there is a statutory requirement for us to do so, for example, or if the data is necessary for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.

Your rights

When we process personal data about you, you have certain rights as a registered person. You have the right to contact us regarding your data at any time, and if you wish to exercise any of the rights described below, the easiest way to contact us is to send an email to

We reserve the right to implement appropriate protection and security measures in order to ensure that you are who you claim to be when you contact us. If you are unable to verify your identity in a credible manner, we may not be able to comply with your request.

Access to personal data

You have the right to be informed on what personal data we process about you. If you wish to know this, we can provide you with a full register extract containing the personal data we process about you.

Rectification and deletion

If we process your personal data unlawfully, or if we no longer need the personal data, you are entitled to have it deleted. If the data is incomplete, you are entitled to have the gaps filled. Please note that we may not be able to supply our services to you if you ask to have your personal data deleted.

Data portability

In certain circumstances, you have the right to be given the personal data we process about you in a structured, commonly used, machine-readable and interoperable format. You have this right in respect of the personal data that you yourself have given us and that we process based on your consent, or if the personal data is necessary in order to enter into or fulfil a contract with you.

Restriction of processing

Under certain circumstances, you have the right to ask us to restrict our processing of your data. This means that we will mark the data to ensure that we only process it for specific purposes in the future. We may not be able to supply our services to you if we restrict the processing of your personal data.

Right to object

You have the right to object to processing of your personal data that is carried out with the purpose of performing a task in the public interest, as part of the exercise of official authority or after a weighing of interests. We do not process your personal data for any of these purposes or any of these reasons. Therefore, you cannot object to our processing on this basis.

Right to lodge a complaint

You have the right to lodge a complaint with Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten (IMY) (Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection) if you think we are processing your data unlawfully. You can read more about this on the website:


You can contact us at any time by writing to to find out more about how we process your personal data. 

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