Board of Directors

  • LLM

  • 20+ years in the life science industry, focused on transactions involving licensing, acquisitions and divestment.

  • Co-founder of biotechs including Cinclus Pharma, Gesynta Pharma, Cormorant Pharmaceuticals and Buzzard Pharmaceuticals. Cormorant was successfully divested to BMS in 2016.

Urban Paulsson

Chairman of the board


Lars Kvarnhem

Lars Kvarnhem, born in 1972, has approximately 20 years of experience in global management and business development of companies and business processes within the MedTech industry.

Board member

Previous operational roles have been, among others:

  • CEO and main owner of the MedTech company Anmedic AB, active in anesthesia and intensive Care.

  • President and CEO for Human Care (publ) in healthcare products.

  • Operational Chairman of the MedTech division at Medcap (publ).

Works exclusively as an investor, primarily in the field of Medical Technology. Today Lars holds several board assignments which includes chairman of the board of Arcoma AB (publ), Stille (publ), Absorbets AB, Absorbest Holding AB, Swevet AB, Swevet Holding AB, Reison Medical AB, Part Production AB, Priego AB and Ovon AB, better known as MrCap. Board member Cavis Technologies.


Mona Tirén


Medical affairs consultant with niche competence in coronary physiology.

More than 30 years of experience in the medical device industry including:

  • Head of global Clinical Marketing for St Jude Medical, covering heart failure, heart rhythm disorders, vascular disease, structural heart disease, chronic pain and movement disorders

  • Head of global clinical education and clinical marketing at RADI Medical Systems, pioneering work in the field of intravascular pressure sensors.

Board member


Maarten de Château

  • MD/PhD

  • Co-founder and former CEO of Cormorant Pharmaceuticals AB

  • Other positions include CEO of Sixera Pharma AB, VP Medical Strategy and Innovation at Camurus AB, and board positions at OxThera, Atrogi, AddBio

Board member


Johan Mattsson


Co-founder of Cavis technologies.

  • 20+ years experience in test development and validation, production, quality and clinical evaluations of pressure wires. 

Board member


Bengt Malmfält

More than 30 years of experience from Medtech business. CEO for Vingmed since 1996 and from 2016 CEO for the Vingmed-Group and from 2020 a member of the Board of Vingmed Holding. Before that held positions for Nycomed and Astra Tech within Sales & Marketing. Taking active part in Swedish Medtech and held the position as chairman between 2003-2005.

Board member