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Cavis Wirecath®

World’s only pressure guide wire eliminating hydrostatic error

A new level of precision in assessment of coronary artery disease

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your measuring accuracy

Measurement results you can truly rely on, with immunity to hydrostatic errors.

Reduce costs

Reduce stenting and thereby costs.

unique torque control 

Fingertip torque response in tortuous vessels.


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Obtain precise measurements, without hydrostatic pressure errors for the first time ever

Unlike traditional sensor-tipped wires, the Wirecath® is immune to hydrostatic pressure errors (1, 2, 3). Hemodynamic pressure measurements are performed through its fluid-filled interior and an external pressure transducer, eliminating the errors caused by hydrostatic pressure (4)

Confidently diagnose

Confidently diagnose and treat your patients 

Cavis Wirecath® is developed with one goal in mind – to provide simple, accurate measurements for confident decision making, every single time.


Please find a demonstration video below.

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